‘Boob’ for Thought


Hello! I hope you had a great weekend! I want to warn you that what I’m going to talk about today is not for the faint of heart. Also, I apologize now but I will be using the word ‘nipple’ so there – its out in the open! Nipple nipple nipple!

When I pictured breastfeeding, I pictured a baby suckling on his/her mother’s breast. It was a beautiful time for mom and baby to bond. This was a natural phenomenon – when babies were born they naturally would just breastfeed. Wow was I ever off! I’ll save my trials and tribulations about getting started on breastfeeding for another time. My question is how is something that is supposed to be so natural, so UNnatural!? I mean what a tough time that was!

So that last paragraph where I envisioned such a peaceful bonding time between mom and baby was quite off! I didn’t know I would be dealing with the equivalent of a beast in the wild, killing it’s meal and ravishing it! Seriously, if you met little Dino, he is sooo cute and adorable but you put him on the boob and this is what happens: he first tries to find the nipple. I mean after so many weeks, is it that hard to find? Its right there!!! I put it right in front of your face!!! Sometimes he starts sucking on my belly – I get a good chuckle at this – and ask – ‘is that working for you little buddy’? Finally, I direct him to the right place and just as he find’s his prey, he opens his mouth wide – bears his gums (because he has no teeth) and gets this wild look and pounces in for the kill! It used to scare me! He krinkles his face like an animal about to catch his prey and then SNAP!! He’s on! He has a permanent crease on his face from this! I don’t joke!

That’s just the beginning. About half way through his meal, he does the equivalent of what you see animals doing to their prey. They rip the meat apart swinging from left to right! Little Dino does this! With nipple in mouth he whips his head back and forth like he’s taunting his prey! Dudes! this hurts!!! OUCH!!! Why little innocent child!? Why are you doing this to me!? Wasn’t giving birth to you enough!?? Sometimes, when I’ve finally relaxed because he is calm and eating like he should be, he whips his head back – and takes my nipple with him! YOW! CHILD! Why are you trying to kill me!??? He does this with no warning!!! Why does such a beautiful moment end up like torture? Why don’t mom’s warn new moms about this! Honestly, I think there is a secret club and they keep these things to themselves! I would have liked to be prepared for this ahead of time! Now I know what they meant in my book about women trying to make their nipples less sensitive for breastfeeding. I can’t remember how they did this but I thought – WHY!? the cute adorable baby will gently suck to nurse and that’s that. I didn’t realize I was the prey being hunted and attacked!

Don’t get me wrong, I love breastfeeding and I fought for weeks to be able to – it took that long to make it happen – but this is what happens on a regular basis and that’s my ‘Boob for Thought’.

Does/did anyone else go through this? Reply below and let me know. 🙂


Mrs. Deaner

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  1. I have yet to experience breast-feeding, but I just wanted to congratulate you on your choice and perseverance in breast-feeding little Dino. May women think about themselves before their child and either decide not to do it or they give up once it gets too hard. Yeah, boobs might sag a bit afterwards, but nothing compares to the bond between mother and child that is created through this process and also how much healthier your baby is going to be!

    • Thanks Carolina! It was a long battle but we’re almost there – I hope teething isn’t an issue – as my friend mentioned ha ha! little Dino can’t wait to see you on Thursday! 🙂 oh and thanks for following!!! Slowly but surely I’ll build some followers 🙂

  2. Oh yeah. Been there for sure. Now Amelia gets distracted and unlatches violently to look around whenever she hears a sound or sees something close by. She also grabs the side of my breast in her fist and digs her nails in… And I hear it gets even more fun when the teeth come in!

  3. Can’t wait to hear what he’s like when he has teeth….I almost threw my kids on floor a couple times when they crunched down!

  4. A little late responding 🙂 Yes, wait till the teeth come! I am currently breast-feeding my 3rd child and they were all different. My first sounds like yours with ravaging hunger and out to get me. Also latched for an hour or more. I watched a lot of movies with him! The second was the early teether…9 months and I was done. He still bites! Now on the third, a girl, not as long latching and a great deal more gentle. Maybe she is sympathetic. I also read somewhere that if mothers told non mothers what having kids was like…women would stop having them! It’s our secret, ha! It is so healthy for mama and baby, but I am ready to have by boobs back (not that they are so beautiful anymore). Hopefully few more months for me! Good luck there! Sounds like you are doing great!

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