Dino and the POOP Factory!


Aren’t newborns adorable? I mean they’re so soft and cuddly and teeny-weeny!!! So mini and cute! How is it that something so cute and teeny can pack soooooo much poop within?! It is unbelievable! I look at little Dino and he is small (and growing by the minute), but the amount of ‘stuff’ that comes out of him amazes me! About two weeks ago, little Dino hadn’t pooped in two days – but that’s normal they say. He had no shortage of farts, which make me laugh every time, but we hadn’t seen any solids yet. Well we had no idea of what was yet to come. I’d like to tell you about the day of FIVE poops!

It was a nice Saturday morning, we slept in a bit – whatever that means with a child, little Dino pooped and all was right with the world. Mr. Deaner had to work and I had some errands to run. We wanted to spend some time together before Mr. Deaner left for work so we thought – let’s go get a nice breakfast together! Now being spontaneous is not quite what it used to be. Before little Dino, we could decide to do something on a whim and in five minutes we were out the door. Now that little Dino is here, spontaneity has a whole new meaning. We have to pack his bag (make sure he has a change of clothes, extra diapers, wipes, a blanket and so on), make sure he has enough bottles in case I can’t feed him in public – we don’t want him screaming from starvation. Then we have to change him and make sure he has proper clothing for the weather etc. I assure you, this takes more than five minutes. So, after what felt like forever getting ready for our spontaneous breakfast, we were ready to go. Mr. Deaner was rushing because we were running late and he finally got little Dino strapped in his car seat. Well doesn’t he walk away to grab keys and I hear the all familiar ‘gurgle swoosh’. I can’t really explain the sound. It’s like a sudden force contained (or not) in a diaper. “UH OH”, I say to Mr. Deaner. “I think he pooped!! We have to change him before we go”. So, I unstrap little Dino, take him upstairs to clean his little cheeks. Can I just say WOW! Whoever said babies, who are only drinking milk, have scentless poo must not have a sense of smell!! COME ON! This stuff reeks!!! and it is gross! Its runny and yellow (or green depending on the day), and cottage cheese-like formations are sometimes visible as well. Really!? This is not a cute side of little Dino. I thought to myself, I am glad he pooped at home before we left – I’d rather change him at home than while we’re out. Phew! I’m glad his poo for the day is done!

We are finally eating breakfast and what’s that I hear? the ‘gurgle swoosh’! again! Are you kidding me? That’s THREE times in one morning!??? ‘WOW kid! what’s going on!?’ You know what? We’re only 5 minutes from the house. Before I run my errands, I’d rather change him at home than at the mall. So we finish up our breakfast and I take my little pooper home to clean and change him. OK, I’m still relieved I was close enough to change him at home rather than the gross public bathrooms.

Now I’m on my way! We get to the mall and after my errands, we do some window shopping and while we’re perusing the clothes I can’t buy, what do I hear? ‘NO! I must be imagining this! there is no way!!!’ I get close to little Dino and take a whif…uhhh no doubt about it – he did it again! ‘Where are you storing all of this little guy?’ I have to find where the nursing rooms are and take little D for a change. I find a change table and as I pick little Dino up, I realize the yellowness on his pants! ‘Oh great! You don’t leak the three times we were at home, but now you choose to leak!’ GROSS! but luckily I am prepared! I have a spare change of clothes for my little monkey. I clean him up AGAIN, try not to contaminate him or myself on the gross public change table, and pack him up again. People, this is the fourth time he has pooped! I’m not talking mini-partials…these were full diapers!!! Clearly the fourth was really full since he actually leaked! WELL…thats done, there is no way he will poop anymore.

I finish my errands – I was out for the day – so when I head back home, what do I discover? Oh my goodness…no way! This must be just a stinky fart (this kid farts a lot). I better check. COME ON! He pood again! How can this much poo fit in such a little thing? He didn’t look bloated! He wasn’t miserable with all of that packed in to him! He was pretty happy! (maybe because he was getting rid of this backup). How can so much disgustingness come out of something so cute?

We haven’t had a ‘day of poop’ since that blessed day but I fear the worst. Its Sunday…Dino hasn’t pooped since Tuesday. GULP. People, a storm is brewing and it ain’t gonna be pretty. It’s the quiet before the storm (well not so quiet because we have heard all kinds of hilarious farts). I fear the worst. Its coming and its gonna be scary!

Have a great week!

Mrs. D



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