I GET IT!!!!


I used to hear about moms who would get upset over what seemed so trivial to me.  For example crying when their baby got immunization shots.  ‘I mean really? Why are you crying? Suck it up and be glad your kid wont get sick.  Right?‘  Or how mom’s would be so sad when their baby was growing out of clothes – again – ‘be happy your baby is healthy and growing!‘  What is so upsetting about that?  A friend of mine told me she cried when her son moved out of his crib and into a toddler bed – again – I laughed thinking ‘why is that so sad?’  At that time, I thought to myself, ‘when I have kids, I wont be this mushy person crying over every little change their baby makes‘.


Well…it finally happened…little Dino moved out…moved out of our room that is.  Now I get it! I get it! I’m upset!  I mean – I didn’t cry when Dino got shots.  (I did sob like a baby when he got ‘snipped’ – he didn’t.)  I have been feeling a little sad as he grows out of his 0-3 month clothes as I put them aside – never to be worn by him again. sniff sniff 😦  While we were using disposable diapers, I even kept one of the newborn diapers – and saved the date he moved into size 1’s.  I mean I get it!  My son is growing! He is growing soooo fast!  Its only a matter of time before I’ll be watching him run around, he’ll be talking up a storm, going to soccer practice, going to his high school graduation, waving good bye as he goes off to university,  packing him up as he moves out and gets married! oh man! this is too much!  His life flashed before my eyes!

English: An American boy (wearing a child's so...Pre-School Graduation!!!Moving Day

Friday, Mr. D and I decided to stop putting it off and take the plunge.  Little D was moving into his OWN room.  This room is not beside ours, it is WAAAAAYYYYYY across the hall from us – sooooooo far!!!  One might refer to it as the left wing of the house – if we lived in a mansion.  I think you get the picture.  We set up our monitor and did our usual night time routine and put him to bed.  Honestly, I kept checking the monitor every 5 minutes to make sure it was still on – little Dino was not crying – in fact he was sound asleep!  Our little baby is growing!  I don’t think he noticed the change at all, but poor Mr. D and I felt the emptiness of him not being in the room 😦

The other night, a MAJOR storm hit us – we’re talking lightning, thunder, HAIL  – the whole bit.  I was sooo scared for my little baby!  I couldn’t sleep.  I kept thinking, ‘he’s so far away, and he’s going to wake up from all of the noise and be sooo alone and scared.  Those 30 seconds it will take for us to run down the hall might be the most frightened he’s ever been in his entire short life!’  Again, I kept checking the monitor to make sure it was working – the kid slept through the entire thing!  All that worrying for nothing!


I guess this is just the beginning, I read somewhere that the moment you find out your are pregnant, you start to worry –  welcome to parenthood!  Well, I can admit it, the worrying started from day one – I’ve become one of those moms.  I get it! I finally get it!!!


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  1. Welcome to motherhood. You finally get it! Try to enjoy every new stage instead of being sad about every stage that is gone. XOX

    • I used to feel sad as well about my child sleeping all alone in a room by herself/himself (we have 2), when the adults in the house get to share a room! I guess it’s all part of that wonderful bond we have with our child. Enjoy every moment!

      I love your blog. You should really publish this one day. So helpful for new moms!

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