Times have changed.


My family lives far away and I  love to visit them –  it’s never long enough!  Back in the day, whenever I’d go home, I’d have quite the welcome!  My niece and nephew would run and give me hugs and kisses and wouldn’t want to leave my side!  My parents would make my favourite meals and just pamper me and I LOVED every second of it!

Then I married Mr. D.  All of a sudden, my niece and nephew would run to Mr. D instead of me.  It was Mr. D’s favourite meals and some of mine that we’d eat and still a lot of pampering.

Now, times have changed!  I remember when I was preggers, everyone was always asking how I was doing and how I was feeling.  Someone told me that once the baby is born, no one will care about me and only the baby will get attention.  They weren’t kidding!!!  We recently flew home and my parents quickly pushed me aside with a ‘hello’ and were all over Little Dino!  My niece and nephew barely noticed us and were all over the baby as well.  ‘What are we? Chopped Liver?’  I’m not jealous of my little one, but hello!? I just flew all the way here. How about some lovin’???

Every morning we wake up (it’s not pretty) and we come downstairs.  I get a quick good morning and then every one focuses their attention on Little D.  They talk to him in baby voice trying to get his attention and adorable smiles and loving every second of it.  The person carrying the little fart machine is barely noticed.  Apparently, not only have I lost baby weight, I’ve become invisible!

Whenever I’d leave to fly back home, my mom would tear up (every time), my dad’s lip would quiver (but he wasn’t crying).  When Mr. D came along, I’d say the tears were equivalent for both of us.  My parents wouldn’t want us to leave and were dreading how long it would be before our next visit.  NOW, I’m being told to plan to leave alone and little D will be staying with grandma and grandpa.  WHAT!!??? I can leave!?  You used to beg me to stay longer and hated that I had to go back and now I can just go?  Just leave my little munchkin behind?  I wonder if they’ll give me a ride tomorrow or just tell me to take a cab!!  They might be too busy smuggling little D away from me.

It’s OK, I’m a mom now and I have to take the ‘behind the scenes’ role now.  I guess I’m just nothing.

Tomorrow, Little Dino and I are flying solo (get it? It’s literal!), Mr. D had to fly back early to go to work.  I’m sure I’ll have something to say about our adventures flying home on the next post.


My mom threatened to write a blog about me due to defamation of character. HA HA  My family has been awesome and have pampered all of us!  But Little D really does get all the attention! and they have threatened to kidnap him. That’s the truth!


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  1. haha so true Nadine! and it’s not just family, it’s pretty much anyone we run into… we just get shoved to the side and all the hellos and smiles go to baby…better get used to it..I don’t see it changing anytime soon 🙂 Have a good flight home…can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  2. Yup…I totally know how you feel! Not only that, but when the kids are with Nana and I call to see how they’re doing, she actually say “What do you want?” Really? Sorry to trouble you to ask about my kids! Geez! LOL

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