Get ‘Er Done!


For those of you with kids, did you ever think to yourselves, “Hey, when I’m on mat leave, I’m going to get so much done!”? I knew I had to be realistic about my time but I thought I’d be up with breakfast ready for Mr. Deaner, and dinner too! That hasn’t happened. Apparently this is unrealistic.

In the mornings, I feed him in bed and we lie there together having deep conversations and smiling at each other. Then little Dino will fall asleep, sometimes I do too or I just sit there watching this adorable little creature. After a little while, I think – what am I doing!?? I can get up and do something while he is asleep – like wash my face! or brush my teeth! or throw in a load of laundry! Sweet!!!! (notice doing my hair didn’t get mentioned? ya right). Some days I’m actually successful at these little tasks – other days… notta chance! Some of you may think this is a joke – how hard is it to find time to brush your teeth!? or wash your face!? This is no joke and a real challenge – notice I also didn’t mention showering! double ya right! That is a two man job! Mr. Deaner needs to be home for that.

I thought I’d read TONS of books – about babies and fun novels! I knew I would be feeding little Dino a lot and would be sitting a lot. Well, so far notta. This kid has a knack for knowing when to cry. I will feed him and the cute little angel will fall asleep on my lap. After half an hour, I’m like “Yes! I’ll move him so I can get something done”. The second I try to move him, he’s wide awake and wanting attention or food! No people – its no fluke! I have tested this every day! He does not want me to do anything! He has little spidey senses or something!

Oh and he definitely is adamant that I lose my baby weight! Why else don’t I get a chance to eat anything before 2pm or if he is sleeping and dinner is on the table – he suddenly is aware that I’m about to put food in my mouth and decides that I need to drop the fork! Those of you that know me know I love food. I LOOOVE food! Dino is walking a fine line here! Of course I don’t drop everything and go running to him, he’s not being raised that way but if he keeps crying, one of us has to check why!!! and when it’s my turn to check, I reluctantly start walking over to him, stomach grumbling, mouth watering (depending what the meal is) and frankly, a little frustrated. I look down at little Dino and all I can see is this cute little thing. The best part is when he sees me and then smiles! uhhh how can I choose food over you!?? Anyways, if he keeps this up, I’ll be back into my clothes in no time! I suppose I should thank him for that?

Anyways, that is a little glimpse into what a day is like in my poop adventure life. Hopefully, things will change soon!

Mrs. D


Hello world!


Greetings!  I thought I’d share my experiences as I embark on my new poop adventures.  Who knows what’s to come but it can range from pee in hair, non-stop poop explosions, projectile puke and so on.  Of course the poop adventures aren’t all about disgusting experiences, they also include the cuddles and love from the […]