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Please Standby…


I love traveling! I love going to the airport and flying somewhere! I usually fly to visit my family several provinces away, or go on vacation!  How fun is that!??  Well we wanted to fly to see my family but sadly it was too expensive.  Fortunately, an amazing friend of mine gave me buddy passes to use.  The catch with this is that you have to fly standby.  That’s OK.  My friend can check the flights ahead of time and see if there is room on the flights.  We’d just pick wisely and everything would be OK.  Mr. Deaner had some reservation about this – he absolutely would have to make it back for work and showed some concern.  “What if all the flights are full and I can’t make it back in time?”  I assured him it would be fine.

So this was going to be our first time flying with baby Dino.  I was nervous about this.  First, Mr. Deaner and I pack heavy.  We always take a suitcase each and it is almost always at the maximum weight allowed!  Now we have to pack all of little Dino’s stuff with our stuff!!  Second, what if we’re that couple with the non-stop screaming baby?  Granted, this is not in his character, but knowing our luck, he would choose this exact time to wail for four hours in a small boxed-in area.  Third, this was the last flight of the day, so if it was too full, we would have to try again the next day.  Gulp.

Departure day came, we made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare and believe it or not, I managed to pack all of my items and little Dino’s into one suitcase with 5 pounds to spare!  Woot! Things are looking up! I mean this is unheard of!  This kid has stuff – and I mean a LOT of stuff!  Next item to tackle: getting on our intended flight!  We checked in and were anxiously waiting at the gate to find out if we made it on.  While we waited, Mr. Deaner got us a coffee to drink while we wait.  Guess what!? we got seats!!!! this is great!  Things are looking good!!!  Now we’re waiting for the pre-boarding announcement.  Next thing you know, I look at Mr. D and he has coffee spilled all down his shirt and pants.  Not only did he manage to get it all over him but little Dino looked like he had brown slippers on – his footsies were covered.  They were both a mess.  Mr. D gets up to go and clean himself off in the men’s room.  He wasn’t even at the bathroom when we hear the pre-boarding announcement.  Great!  by the time he got back, everyone was boarding.  That’s ok.  What I failed to mention is that when you fly with buddy passes, there is a dress code since you are representing that flight company.  Ummm how are we going to pass with Mr. D’s huge spill!??  Apparently, they didn’t notice (or care) so we made it on.  Phew!

I’ll make a short story shorter, the flight was great.  Little Dino barely cried at all and at the end of the flight when we were getting off, a few people said they didn’t even know a baby was on board! Woot! Way to go Little D!  You’re a star.

Four days later, Mr. D was going to fly back on his own to go back to work.  The day before, my friend checked his flight and there were 30 seats still available.  He would be getting on the flight no problem.  We had our usual chaotic procedure of getting everything ready and scrambling to get him to the airport on time.  We get to the counter to check his bags in and the attendant says, “ya, I don’t think you’ll be making it on this flight.”  I’m like “haha, you’re kidding right?” In my head I’m thinking, “there are tons of seats, what a little joker.  She explains that the flight before this one was canceled and all the people were being bumped on to the following flights”.  Oh no! this can’t be happening!  Mr. D HAS to get back or he’ll kill me for making him fly standby.  We were told that the best thing to do was to wait and see if he can get on the next flight.  There was no point for us to wait with him at the airport, since he had to go past security to the gate.  So we went home to wait for an update.

A little while later, I get a call from Mr. D saying there is no way he’s getting on the next flight – its full and he’s going to try to BUY a seat.  Oh man! We can’t afford this but if he has to get back to work, what can we do?  He goes to inquire and finds out there is ONE seat left.  Because it is the last seat, it is at the highest possible price!  While he was discussing this with the person at the counter, it sold! right before their very eyes.  (THANK GOD!) Who in their right mind would pay that amount – someone more desperate than Mr. D I guess.  Since he wasn’t getting on the next flight, and the following flights were 5 hours later, we went back to the airport to bring him home.  I was on the phone with the flight company to see what flight he had the best chances of getting on.  We were given an option that looked good so a few hours later, we took Mr. D back to the airport and said we’d wait to hear from him to see if he made it on.  If he didn’t get on this flight, he was just going to try again the next day.  We sit and wait, and wait, and wait.  Finally, I get a text from him saying he would have gotten on but he couldn’t find his photo ID so they wouldn’t let him on!  WHAT!???  ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME!??  I lost it at this point!  A minute later, I got another text saying ha ha, just kidding.  I’m in!  My husband is working on timing for jokes.  Long story short, he made it home safe and sound.

A week and a half later, it was my turn to fly home.  I wasn’t nervous about getting on a flight because I was flexible.  I was nervous, however, about flying on my own with Little D.  There would be no one to share the embarrassment if little D screamed, and no one to help with bags and folding up the stroller etc.  As I mentioned earlier, it’s usually last minute chaos on the day we’re leaving.  For some reason, we’re always running late.  Well not this time, I took my time and packed everything up and we were just going to sit and relax for a bit before we left.  My friend had checked the day before and there were 40 seats open on my flight so we’re fine!  While I was sitting around, I noticed a call coming through on my cell.  it was my friend.  She tells me that she happened to be checking my flight and she couldn’t find it.  IT HAD BEEN CANCELLED!  is this a joke!???  Oh my goodness!  I kid you not people, this is true.  She tells me the best option, if I want to leave that day, is to catch the flight before it because there are tons of seats still.  (I guess no one else knew the flight was cancelled yet)  Before I can run to the airport, I have to officially change my standby ticket on the phone.  I don’t have a lot of time! I call and the wait time is 30 minutes!!! oh man.  I eventually get through and they change me to the flight before which looks very open!  but the system wouldn’t transfer little D onto my ticket.  The system was giving them trouble and I kept getting put on hold while they tried to resolve this.  Are you kidding me!? I’m not going to make it in time for this flight and there is no point in trying for the one after because everyone would be bumped from the canceled flight and it would be full.  I know I said I was flexible for when I left but Mr. D really missed us and if we didn’t catch this flight, we wouldn’t be able to fly for a couple days because the flights were full!

They eventually resolve the issue and we boot it to the airport only to find my flight is delayed 20 minutes! Yay because I have more time, Boo! because more people might realize their flight was canceled and get on this one.  Well while I was checking in my luggage, the lady was soooo sweet and gave me an actual seat because there were lots of seats available and she knows how difficult it is flying standby with a baby!  WOW!!! How amazing is she!?  Thank you!   Now all I had to do was survive the flight with Little D.

We pre-boarded and I took the time to get his bottles ready, his wipes, his toys and all the other things he might need.

Little Dino’s stuff.

He was amazing and didn’t give me any trouble at all.  As we got closer to preparing for the descent, I changed his cute little bum and was ready for landing.  As the plane is about to land, don’t I feel that all-too familiar vibration in little D’s bum?




Then I felt it again, and again and again.  Yo peeps, this was not a fart.  This was the real thing!  Oh crap! (Pun intended)  Then came the scent.  oh crap. oh crap.  Then, you guessed it – came the leak.  It exploded up his back and was coming through.  Yes, a little got on my pants!  As soon as the seat belt sign was off, I squeezed myself through people in the aisle to get to the bathroom and change him.  I had to hold him from under his arms and away from me so his backside didn’t rub on my clothes! ha ha  anyways, we got him changed and cleaned up so he could meet his daddy.

So not only was this my first flight with a baby but my first time to fly STANDBY which just happened to be with my baby.


Dino and the POOP Factory!


Aren’t newborns adorable? I mean they’re so soft and cuddly and teeny-weeny!!! So mini and cute! How is it that something so cute and teeny can pack soooooo much poop within?! It is unbelievable! I look at little Dino and he is small (and growing by the minute), but the amount of ‘stuff’ that comes out of him amazes me! About two weeks ago, little Dino hadn’t pooped in two days – but that’s normal they say. He had no shortage of farts, which make me laugh every time, but we hadn’t seen any solids yet. Well we had no idea of what was yet to come. I’d like to tell you about the day of FIVE poops!

It was a nice Saturday morning, we slept in a bit – whatever that means with a child, little Dino pooped and all was right with the world. Mr. Deaner had to work and I had some errands to run. We wanted to spend some time together before Mr. Deaner left for work so we thought – let’s go get a nice breakfast together! Now being spontaneous is not quite what it used to be. Before little Dino, we could decide to do something on a whim and in five minutes we were out the door. Now that little Dino is here, spontaneity has a whole new meaning. We have to pack his bag (make sure he has a change of clothes, extra diapers, wipes, a blanket and so on), make sure he has enough bottles in case I can’t feed him in public – we don’t want him screaming from starvation. Then we have to change him and make sure he has proper clothing for the weather etc. I assure you, this takes more than five minutes. So, after what felt like forever getting ready for our spontaneous breakfast, we were ready to go. Mr. Deaner was rushing because we were running late and he finally got little Dino strapped in his car seat. Well doesn’t he walk away to grab keys and I hear the all familiar ‘gurgle swoosh’. I can’t really explain the sound. It’s like a sudden force contained (or not) in a diaper. “UH OH”, I say to Mr. Deaner. “I think he pooped!! We have to change him before we go”. So, I unstrap little Dino, take him upstairs to clean his little cheeks. Can I just say WOW! Whoever said babies, who are only drinking milk, have scentless poo must not have a sense of smell!! COME ON! This stuff reeks!!! and it is gross! Its runny and yellow (or green depending on the day), and cottage cheese-like formations are sometimes visible as well. Really!? This is not a cute side of little Dino. I thought to myself, I am glad he pooped at home before we left – I’d rather change him at home than while we’re out. Phew! I’m glad his poo for the day is done!

We are finally eating breakfast and what’s that I hear? the ‘gurgle swoosh’! again! Are you kidding me? That’s THREE times in one morning!??? ‘WOW kid! what’s going on!?’ You know what? We’re only 5 minutes from the house. Before I run my errands, I’d rather change him at home than at the mall. So we finish up our breakfast and I take my little pooper home to clean and change him. OK, I’m still relieved I was close enough to change him at home rather than the gross public bathrooms.

Now I’m on my way! We get to the mall and after my errands, we do some window shopping and while we’re perusing the clothes I can’t buy, what do I hear? ‘NO! I must be imagining this! there is no way!!!’ I get close to little Dino and take a whif…uhhh no doubt about it – he did it again! ‘Where are you storing all of this little guy?’ I have to find where the nursing rooms are and take little D for a change. I find a change table and as I pick little Dino up, I realize the yellowness on his pants! ‘Oh great! You don’t leak the three times we were at home, but now you choose to leak!’ GROSS! but luckily I am prepared! I have a spare change of clothes for my little monkey. I clean him up AGAIN, try not to contaminate him or myself on the gross public change table, and pack him up again. People, this is the fourth time he has pooped! I’m not talking mini-partials…these were full diapers!!! Clearly the fourth was really full since he actually leaked! WELL…thats done, there is no way he will poop anymore.

I finish my errands – I was out for the day – so when I head back home, what do I discover? Oh my goodness…no way! This must be just a stinky fart (this kid farts a lot). I better check. COME ON! He pood again! How can this much poo fit in such a little thing? He didn’t look bloated! He wasn’t miserable with all of that packed in to him! He was pretty happy! (maybe because he was getting rid of this backup). How can so much disgustingness come out of something so cute?

We haven’t had a ‘day of poop’ since that blessed day but I fear the worst. Its Sunday…Dino hasn’t pooped since Tuesday. GULP. People, a storm is brewing and it ain’t gonna be pretty. It’s the quiet before the storm (well not so quiet because we have heard all kinds of hilarious farts). I fear the worst. Its coming and its gonna be scary!

Have a great week!

Mrs. D